What If I Poop?

Labor Doula Denver

When I was pregnant with my first, you know what I wasn’t scared of?

  • Being in pain
  • Hemorrhaging after birth
  • Dying
  • Losing the baby


You know what I was afraid of?  (And not just afraid of, but TERRIFIED of)

  • People SEEING me poop
  • Losing my husband (because he would surely divorce me if he saw me POOP)


I couldn’t even ask the midwife about it.  It was too embarrassing.  So my husband did.  Bless his sweet little heart.


She assured me that it was no big deal if it did happen.  That people poop when they are pushing a baby out of them with all of their might.   But, that, even if I DID poop, it was not likely to be much.  Your body has a way of cleaning out and making room for the baby in early labor, she said.  I would likely have loose stools as a first sign of labor.  I would, probably,(she did not make me any guarantees) not be having a huge poop while pushing.  She also told me that the reason the fish net/scooper was on our list of supplies, was for the purpose of scooping the little poops out of the water if I were to use the labor tub.


This did not make me feel any better.


Want to hear the happy ending?


I have no idea if I pooped.

I had way more important things to focus on (like pushing a baby out of me with all my might.)


What I do know, is IF I pooped, no one said anything.


And, in case you’re wondering….

My husband didn’t leave me.


It’s funny to talk about now.

Now that I’m a doula, and not the worried pregnant mom.

I’ve seen lots of you poop.  It’s part of this labor thing.   We are used to it.  It doesn’t bother your Doctor, or your Midwife, or your Nurse.


So, to answer the question: What if I poop?


Well, you probably will.


And no one cares.