The Magic of the 5 Day Live In

Nanny Summit County

What are you supposed to do when you come home from the hospital?

You are coming home with your new baby.  You are exhausted.  You are bleeding.  Your vagina hurts, or your Cesarean incision hurts… or BOTH.

You walk into your house to a sink full of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, a half put together nursery, and all your hormones!

You cry.

OR, you relax.  (ok, maybe you still cry, because, HORMONES, but still…)

What a relief it would be to have the help of a live in Postpartum Doula coming home from the hospital.  What a sweet, glorious, RELIEF.

Your live-in doula can meet you at your house when you arrive, or she can arrive a little while before (so you don’t have to see the sink full of dishes and 5 loads of laundry when you first walk in the door.)

She can tuck you and baby into bed (a freshly made bed with deliciously clean sheets if you opt to have her get there before you do!) and let you REST.  She can tidy up the kitchen, catch up on laundry, and make you a cup of tea.  She can pack all the pillows around you for more comfortable feeding positions.  She can clean your bottles and pump parts so you can stay snuggled in bed with your new babe.

It’s nothing short of magic.

Having her there through the night is also a tremendous help.  You can focus on resting and feeding your baby, and let her take care of everything else.  She can take the baby after a feeding so you can fall right back to sleep.  She can burp the baby, change the baby, and get the baby settled back to sleep.  She will bring you a fresh glass of water or a cup of tea and a little snack for you while you are up feeding.  Or if you would like a full night’s sleep, she can take over full care of the baby through the night.

Please contact us today to see how our 5 Day Live In Package can help you rest and recover after the birth of your baby.