The Extra Sag

Postpartum doula (2)



I’m having a hard time with my body today.

I know that my body is STRONG and AMAZING.

I’ve never felt more PROUD or more EMPOWERED after giving birth to my daughters.

I understand that there is no better cause than a BEAUTIFUL CHILD to take on some stretch marks or less-than-perky boobs.




it just hits me.

And I get sad about the extra squish,

and the extra sag,

 and, quite frankly,  the not-seventeen-years-old-anymore body.


I’ve read many beautiful blogs and posts about loving your postpartum body.  I’ve seen beautiful pictures of mamas being BRAVE and rocking their bikinis for the whole world-wide-web to see.

I love this!


I’m in the birth world, for heaven’s sake!  Of course I appreciate the beautiful, spectacular, miraculous, mind-blowing power of growing a whole new human inside of you!

And as if that’s not enough, then BIRTHING this being into this world!

I mean, WHOA!


I’m just not there yet in my journey to love my postpartum body.


I’m SEVEN years into this journey, and I have yet to reach the wear-my-bikini-for-all-of-Facebook-to-see phase.


That’s right.  The last time I gave birth was SEVEN years ago.


I LOVE and APPRECIATE my body a good 89% of the time.  But it’s not 100% of the time yet.

And I can share THAT with the whole inter-web!


I’m having a hard time loving my body today.


And that’s ok!