The Bodies of Mothers- a book review

Bodies of Mothers Evergreen

The Bodies of Mothers: A Beautiful Body Project by Jade Beall was one of my favorite Christmas presents this year.  The photographs are GORGEOUS, and the reason I wanted the book in the first place. The pictures show bodies of all shapes and sizes.  Some with stretch marks, some without.  All beautiful.

What I did not know before hand, though, was that each amazing photo is accompanied by a beautiful written piece by the photographed mother.  I spent Christmas day, and the day after reading through all these women’s stories.

Stories of the deep love and appreciation that many have for their bodies…

“Every woman should be always be honored in the highest esteem as the mother creature of this planet, and no matter what our bodies are like—scarred, scratched, fat, thin, shapely, square, wrinkle, freckled—they are just adjectives, but we as a whole, the human woman spirit in this woman body, are worthy of a great honor.”  Julie

… and stories of the very real struggle many moms have accepting their bodies.

“I have spent the past ten years trying to reach some nebulous ideal and failing.  I now weigh forty pounds more than when I started, and pretty much hate my body most of the time.  Sure, it DID give birth to two beautiful babies and fed and nurtured them for the first two years of their lives.  But my babies are now 18 and 13, and I am no longer that mama.” Alica

I can relate to both, and I am inspired to do better.

To love more and criticize less.

To say Thank You more.

To look in the mirror and smile.

Especially in front of my daughters- that they may always love their bodies.