Thank You To The Dude Behind The Doula

Doula in Frisco

I love my job, and I work really, really hard.

A lot goes on behind the scenes, though, and I need to take a moment to say thank you to my husband, who is absolutely vital to my success as a doula.

The past couple of weeks have been BUSY (and things don’t seem to be slowing down any.)  It was made increasingly clear through my busiest week as a doula (75 hours of postpartum shifts—what?!) that there is NO WAY I could do this work (that I love so much) without the support of my husband.  While I was away taking care of other’s babies and households, he was taking care of our babies and our household.


Now, many of the things that he helped with are the same thankless jobs we moms do every day.  But that does not mean they are un-important or that they do not go unnoticed.  I’m taking the time to say THANK YOU for these and so many more:

  • Tucking me into bed when I returned from an overnight shift
  • Getting the girls ready for school and packing their lunches
  • Driving the girls to school every morning all week
  • Picking up the girls from school on the days I had day time apppointments
  • Doing the dishes!
  • Switching the laundry I forgot about
  • Putting laundry away
  • Tucking the girls into bed on nights I was at work
  • Snow-blowing the driveway several times throughout this busiest of weeks
  • Starting my car for me on cold nights
  • Enlisting the girls’ help cleaning the house on the weekend while I napped (and somehow did so QUIETLY so as not to wake me?!)
  • Rocking a sleepover like a BOSS
  • Thanking me for the hours I put it
  • Never complaining ONCE


Beyond the household chores (which I appreciate IMMENSELY) I am most thankful for my husband’s emotional support.  He knows this is my passion and he supports me- even when it’s hard.  Even when I get called away to a birth on his birthday.  Even when I have to leave for an overnight shift as he’s walking in the door from his day at work.  Even when we are all tired.  Even when he gets stuck with puke duty.

It can be trying at times, sure.

But he’s got my back.

And I’m ever so grateful!