Evergreen Doula

An amazing thing happened yesterday.

Now, it might not seem so amazing to all you lovely mothers whose children actually like you, but it was amazing in my household.

Let me give you a little context.

My eldest child does not give me compliments.  She rarely says anything nice to me if you must know.


A few of the things she’s said to me in the last 30 days:


“You have such a nice, round, pregnant belly” (I am not pregnant, nor have I been pregnant in over SEVEN YEARS, thank you very much.)


“I hate you, and I wish anyone was my mother but you!!!”


“Do you put makeup on under your eyes?  They’re always so dark.”  (referring to the dark circles under my eyes, surely, in part, caused by mothering this dear child.)


“All my friends say how grumpy you are.”


I could go on, but you get the point right?


Which brings me to the amazing-ness:


Last night, both my daughters were talking in the living room while I made dinner.  My first born started yelling





I did what most parents do (right?!) and blocked her out.  Until she said “Mom, do you know why I’m calling you Phenommy?”

(Before I could answer, her little sister took a guess, “Um, because you’re a weirdo?”)

Me: “No, Why?”

Get this.

“Because you’re a PHENOMENAL mommy.  Phenommy.”


So there you have it folks.  Perhaps commonplace for you to hear such things, but for me, AMAZING.


Turns out, I have done something right after all :o)