How To Know If She’s Pregnant

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Are You Pregnant?

I’m going to spoil the ending by telling you:


We all know the “rules” about asking a woman if she is pregnant right?  And many of us with children (especially #doulakids) have experienced the embarrassment that ensues when your darling little one asks someone who is not pregnant

“Are you having a baby?”

I’ve had many conversations with my kiddos over the years about the polite thing to do if you suspect a woman is carrying a baby in her uterus (NOTHING. You do and say NOTHING!)  However, I never thought I would be the one they asked.

We were recently at a clothing store.  I was on a mission: Flipping though pants looking for the ones.  I was focused.  I noticed my girls giggling and whispering to each other right next to me, but I was not focused on them.  Finally their giggling and whispering came to a head, and [the older] one pushed [the younger] one towards me.  She asked through giggles

“Mom, are you pregnant?”


“But you have such a nice, round, pregnant belly.”

Gee thanks.

I think Jennifer Garner said it best:

Jessyca Doula