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Doula Services

Labor Doula Services

Labor support includes unlimited phone/email support, 1 mprenatal visit in your home (or location of your choice,) support during your labor, and 1 postpartum visit in your home.

Our prenatal time will be spent doing things like discussing your specific fears and/or concerns about your birth, researching any topics you would like more information about, practicing comfort measures for labor, and writing a birth plan.

For your labor: We can offer our assistance at your home prior to arriving at your place of birth if you wish. If you are more comfortable having us meet you at your place of birth, we can do that too. We will be with you for the duration of your labor and birth, as well as for 1-2 hours afterwards.

Your postpartum visit will happen in your home within the first two weeks after baby is born. This visit will be to go over the details of your birth, discuss feeding issues if there are any, and offer you additional resources (new mommy groups, breastfeeding support groups, etc.)


Postpartum Doula Services

Coming home with an infant is… overwhelming!  Our Postpartum Doula services exist to help you through this transition.  Postpartum doulas are experts on the postpartum period and baby care.  Every family has different needs and wants during this time, and we are here to help in any way you need.  We provide daytime and/or night time shifts.  Services include, but are not limited to: breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding help, emotional support, newborn care, and household tasks (laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, meal prep, etc.)


5 Day Live in Package

Perfect for those first five days home from the hospital!  5 days of an extra pair of hands and a smooth transition into parenthood.  Your doula can help you day and night with everything from feeding schedules to nursery organization as you adjust to your new little baby (or babies!)  Your doula can help with household tasks so that you can spend those first few days resting and recovering.


Placenta Encapsulation Services

If you haven’t heard about this popular service, please give us a call!  We believe in the highest standards set forth concerning placenta encapsulation, and thus offer this service in your home only.  One of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists will come to you with everything needed to encapsulate your placenta.  The process takes approximately two hours, on two consecutive days, scheduled at your convenience.


Please call to discuss current rates and availability 720-588-0608

Birth Embraced offering Doula Services
Birth Embraced offering Doula Services
Birth Embraced offering Doula Services