3 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night Posts

3 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Photo Credit: www.valavincentphotography.com

Photo Credit: www.valavincentphotography.com

When will my baby sleep through the night?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question….

It is important that we have realistic expectations.  Infants are growing at a very fast rate and are in need of night time feeds for the first several weeks of their lives.  When I get asked this question, my answer is usually something along the lines of “Sometime after 2 months old.”  We want babies to be healthy, gain weight, and thrive.  This means checking in with your pediatrician and being sure that your baby is maintaining his/her growth curve when you start to cut back night time feeds.  In the meantime, the following tips will help lay a great foundation for healthy sleep habits in your baby:


Thank You To The Dude Behind The Doula

Doula in Frisco

I love my job, and I work really, really hard.

A lot goes on behind the scenes, though, and I need to take a moment to say thank you to my husband, who is absolutely vital to my success as a doula.


Can a Chiropractor Help My Baby Breastfeed?

Chiropractor in Evergreen

Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Baby’s Latch?

Do you remember being born?

Me neither.  Thank goodness!

I remember giving birth, though.  That was hard work!  It’s hard work for a baby making their way through the birth canal as well!  It only makes sense that their little spines would be out of alignment after that experience.  This often causes latch and suckling issues in infants.

Does Your Baby Prefer One Breast Over the Other?

You probably answered yes.  Babies often develop a preference, and that is normal.  However, they may prefer nursing on one side because it hurts to nurse on the other side.  Getting your baby adjusted can give her a better range of motion to take either breast comfortably.


Dr. Katy Mooberry is a chiropractor here in Evergreen, Colorado.  She has her certification in Pediatric Chiropractic and is also certified in the Webster Technique.  She discusses common breastfeeding problems and how chiropractic care can help on her blog.  Read her full blog post here.




The Magic of the 5 Day Live In

Nanny Summit County

What are you supposed to do when you come home from the hospital?

You are coming home with your new baby.  You are exhausted.  You are bleeding.  Your vagina hurts, or your Cesarean incision hurts… or BOTH.

You walk into your house to a sink full of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, a half put together nursery, and all your hormones!

You cry.


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