Thank You To The Dude Behind The Doula Posts

Thank You To The Dude Behind The Doula

Doula in Frisco

I love my job, and I work really, really hard.

A lot goes on behind the scenes, though, and I need to take a moment to say thank you to my husband, who is absolutely vital to my success as a doula.


Robyn’s Story

Artwork by Robyn Thayer

Artwork by Robyn Thayer

Homebirth Story

“I could feel the ancientness in my own bones moving, widening.  The burning in my ass was almost more than I could bare- and that is key -“almost”.  Somehow I bared it all.  Somehow it didn’t kill me.  Somehow my uterus did just whatever it needed to do in the exact time it needed to do it in.”

My beautiful, strong, brave, and bold friend Robyn was so kind to share her story with me (and the world- via the web.)

Regardless of where you feel comfortable giving birth, or how you feel comfortable giving birth, I invite you to read her story and see birth from her perspective.

No right or wrong way

We are lucky to have so many options for birth in our state.

So many places (hospitals, home, birth centers)

So many  tools.

So many kinds of support people.


You may read Robyn’s full story here