Can a Chiropractor Help My Baby Breastfeed?

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Baby’s Latch?

Do you remember being born?

Me neither.  Thank goodness!

I remember giving birth, though.  That was hard work!  It’s hard work for a baby making their way through the birth canal as well!  It only makes sense that their little spines would be out of alignment after that experience.  This often causes latch and suckling issues in infants.

Does Your Baby Prefer One Breast Over the Other?

You probably answered yes.  Babies often develop a preference, and that is normal.  However, they may prefer nursing on one side because it hurts to nurse on the other side.  Getting your baby adjusted can give her a better range of motion to take either breast comfortably.


Dr. Katy Mooberry is a chiropractor here in Evergreen, Colorado.  She has her certification in Pediatric Chiropractic and is also certified in the Webster Technique.  She discusses common breastfeeding problems and how chiropractic care can help on her blog.  Read her full blog post here.