Birth Embraced offering Doula Services

Meet the Owner

Jessyca Wyant is owner of Birth Embraced LLC and an Evergreen native.  She loves living in the mountains with her husband and two daughters.

Jessyca is no stranger to pregnancy, birth, and babies, as she grew up in a large family and also did a lot of babysitting and nanny work before starting her own family.  She really developed a passion for birth after the births of her daughters.  She appreciates the fact that birth is beautiful and birth is also hard.  She understands the need for non-judgemental, un-biased support for women and partners starting families.  Jessyca is excited to offer this exceptional doula support to the Colorado mountain communities.

With Birth Embraced, all birth and parenting choices are supported (unmedicated birth, epidurals, Cesarean birth, schedule parenting, attachment parenting, etc.)  We offer professional postpartum doula services as well as placenta encapsulation for the Colorado mountains including Evergreen, Frisco, Dillon, and Breckenridge.


Jessyca with Birth Embraced LLC, was my doula this past November for my first child’s birth. I really enjoyed getting together with Jessyca over tea at the local coffee shop and discussion my upcoming birth. Having never gone through childbirth, I was somewhat anxious and unsure what to expect. Jessyca always spoke words of encouragement and strength. Her perspective on birth is so beautiful and well researched. She has a very calm, collected personality and I knew that I would be very comforted by her presence while going through labor.

When the day came, my water broke first and I immediately gave Jess a call, “This is the call!” I said. She got to my home quickly and I felt instant relief as she walked in the door. She helped me through various positions to help the pain and knew just the right touch and breathing techniques as the contractions came on stronger and stronger. When the pain became almost unbearable as we waited to enter the birth center, Jessyca reminded me of all my convictions about childbirth and what I had originally planned for and wanted. She coached me step by step as I naturally delivered our first son. Jessyca thought about things that I didn’t even think about that were so helpful! Like a cold cloth to my forehead while doing the hard work of pushing and still supporting me after the delivery.

I would recommend Jessyca to anyone who is looking for a great supportive birth team! Even with my husband along side me the whole way, both of us are so glad Jessyca was there too. She has a nurturing demeanor, great knowledge and is overall someone that will help you to have the birth that you desire!
-Brielle D 1/21/152015