A Piece of Cake- A Book Review

A Piece of Cake

Who is Cupcake Brown?

Cupcake Brown was the keynote speaker at the ProDoula Instilling Strength Conference , so I had the privilege of hearing much of her story in person, in her voice.  I had never heard of her, or her book (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how I apparently live under a rock!)  Cupcake is an amazing woman and speaker, and naturally I bought the book!

A Piece of Cake

I’m not going to lie.  This book was hard to read.  Sometimes it was just too sad and I had to put it down.  But it also spoke to my heart in a way that few books can.  As I’m sure is true for many of you, addiction has touched my life.  While I don’t personally struggle with addiction, it does not mean that my life is untouched by this cruel disease.  Even so, my experiences (first hand or at the hand of those I love) don’t even compare to what this poor woman struggled through!  It. Was. Hard. To. Read.

But it was POWERFUL.  Really, really powerful.

While most of the book is written about her years using, Cupcake also writes of her journey through recovery.  This was particularly beautiful and inspiring to me.  I’ve had glimpses into 12 step programs (such as AA) but this book gave me a much clearer picture of how these programs work.  This book (and Cupcake’s speech at conference) was full of great quotes.  One in particular stood out to me.  Perhaps it is a very common phrase in recovery programs, but I had not heard of it before reading A Piece Of Cake.  Cupcake says:

“Always remember, the acronym for FEAR can mean one of two things: Fuck Everything And Run or Face Everything And Recover”

Whether you struggle with addiction or not, I think that many of you can relate to fear.  I sure can.  I totally get the feeling of wanting to give up and RUN.  So this is my new mantra.  It’s stuck with me since I read this book in the fall.






Go buy the book.  Read the book.  Hire Cupcake to speak at your next event.  Be inspired!